Austrian and German schools are ahead of their counterparts in England and the USA


Austrian school St. Gilgen can rightly be called “the school of genius.” Here in the village, which has Mozart Village name, mother of Mozart was born (Anna Maria). No wonder that this city was the most worthy to open St. Gilgen International School.

Since the first set of students in 2004., St. Gilgen had succeeded in record time to create all the conditions for the effective essay writing service for children. The founders of the school founded the International Baccalaureate program (IB), which is considered the highest level of training of graduates. Each year, students St. Gilgen International School come into the leading universities in the UK and Europe.

English Education and the opportunity to learn other European languages ​​confirms the international status of the school. Families of more than 30 countries have chosen St. Gilgen to educate their children. Such trust is associated not only with the quality of teaching, but also with the conditions offered by the school. The convenient location close to Salzburg, the atmosphere and culture of the Austrian goodwill, cultural enrichment and a modern campus infrastructure. From school surfers to its own theater and laboratories – here everything is left to chance: beautiful buildings, innovative curriculum, the latest techniques in the classroom.

However, St. Gilgen is first for all students. The headmaster, Michael Chapman, has always supported the foreign family in his decision to send the child to study in Austria: “There is a first-class education and a safe environment, which is important.” Director of one of the best European schools himself responsible approach to student recruitment. He is always ready to meet with parents and children on any question concerning the admission to the St. Gilgen.

Germany is often considered for a university education. However, few people know that the English language training possible in Germany, not only in universities, but also in schools. International School in Cologne St. George’s School – it is a classic example of German guesthouse with English-speaking programs, IB and A-Level. Here, children learn in age from 3 to 18 years. As elsewhere in Germany, St. George’s School everything is subordinated to the order, and traditional approaches are combined with modern teaching methods. If your child is studying in St. George’s School, then it is not difficult to go home, and parents – to visit it periodically. Before the school can be reached from the airports of Cologne and Bonn.

About the Author: Mandy craft is a student. She is interested in literature.