A Personal Essay on Your Favorite Food

Personal essay is a class of academic papers, which combines a wide variety of assignment types, all having the same purpose: to make a reader familiar with the author’s personality, preferences, views, strengths etc. Each kind of a personal essay has its specific goal and, to be successful, should be written accordingly. Let’s find out what this means. We used website WritingStatement.com.

  • Goal Identification

If the assignment is a personal essay on your favorite food, the author’s primary goal should be to tell readers what foods you prefer and provide reasons for the choice. This makes selecting a topic crucial. Consider whether you really can explain why the product in subject is great to you. Drawing up a plan and a set of keywords at this stage will boost the writing process significantly.

  • Using Topic Sentences

For each paragraph of the plan, a concise topic sentence should be found. It has to express the main idea of the paragraph, which is then to be supported with more details and arguments. Preferably, each topic sentence has to be built around a predefined keyword. Make sure, however, that your plan is consistent, and its parts are not just a sequence of independent clauses. For this end, each paragraph should be a logical result of the previous one and lead to the next point of your plan. Such cohesiveness can be secured by a proper selection of topic sentences acting like a bridge.

  • Contents

While a personal essay has several mandatory sections like introduction, body, conclusion etc., many students find it easier to start writing with the main part right ahead. This is because introductory and summarizing passages will be formulated smoothly once the major text is complete. Actually, the body determines the content of all other sections.

  • Introduction Is Important

While often underestimated, how you introduce the subject to a reader is very important. The purpose of this section is to provoke interest and urge to go on reading.

  • Conclusion Should Be Logical personal essay

Conclusion usually restates the thesis, but should not just repeat it. Its purpose is to summarize the findings derived in the main part of the paper. From this section, a reader should clearly understand how the claims stated in the beginning were proven by further reasoning.

No new ideas are introduced here; you may refer only to what was already said before. If you still have something interesting to be said, consider coming back and revising the body. Avoid overdoing though. Remember that the ability to keep your work concise and relevant is one of the primary strengths a student is expected to demonstrate when doing a writing assignment. So don’t overload your paper with facts. Instead, focus on making the narration cohesive and well-reasoned.

  • Final Thoughts

While a specific assignment, a personal essay on your favorite food is to comply with most of the rules and requirements used with other academic papers. This means knowing a general approach to writing a sound essay will be helpful in this particular case too. And vice versa, doing this kind of work adds to your academic skills in general.