Key Pointers to Writing a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is an expressive essay. It is supposed to illuminate an event. It is significant to note that the account of the event needs to be captivating in order for the reader to maintain interest.

When writing a narrative essay, there are some key considerations that need to be fulfilled for the essay to meet the quality criteria. Creativity is one of the pillars involved when writing a narrative essay. Most of us have sat through a boring speech or lecture and most of the time is spent wishing that the session would come to a speedy conclusion. A stale narrative essay is just the same.

If a reader is barely through the first paragraph and he is already yawning, then chances are your essay is as boring as a stale lecture. Vivid descriptions and stylistic devices need to be employed when writing a narrative essay such that when the essay is completed, the reader is left yearning for more. Caution should be taken when using stylistic devices. Similes, metaphors, symbolism, and proverbs are some of the stylistic devices that can be used when writing a narrative essay. These devices should be used in moderation to spice up the essay. If the essay is full of similes or proverbs, then the message may be tainted.

The most important ingredient required when writing a narrative essay is a coherent and logical flow of ideas. Unlike other essays, a narrative essay is systematic. If the ideas are presented in a haphazard manner, then the flow of the story is destroyed, and this means that the narrative will not make sense. The obvious considerations that should be taken into account when writing a narrative essay include a correct use of grammar and a variation in the sentence construction.

Issues to consider when writing a reflection paper

Writing a reflection paper is slightly different from righting a narrative essay because a reflection paper focuses on the experience and the opinion of the writer while a narrative essay is based on an event. When writing a reflection paper, it is essential for you to begin planning. The initial order of business would be; what theme will the paper focus on? Writing a reflection paper will only be successful if there is a central theme around which the essay revolves.

The theme would be on the state of your country, the state of your school or the state of your current employment firm. It is vital to recall that the tone used when writing this essay is official and professional. Obvious additives like correct grammar should never be forgotten, and this means that the common abbreviations that we frequently employ in common day language have no place in the essay. It is also important to note that this type of essay in written in the first person perspective.

The essence of writing a reflection essay

Every human being has a story to tell. The basis of writing a reflection essay is to share your experience with the world. Some experiences are heart-wrenching while some of the experiences shared prove that human beings have the potential to overcome challenges that appear insurmountable.

When writing a reflection essay, it is important not to exaggerate the experiences you have gone through. It is imperative to be as unbiased as possible. Writing a reflection essay is important because it also helps the writer to take stock of their experiences and from those documented experiences, they may be able to learn valuable life lessons.