Stop Stress

1. Let yourself err. If your friend needs dissertation writing services but you literally run out of time, don’t be embarrassed to say no. If you feel like the pressure is getting too high, don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t managed to prepare properly. Instead of blaming yourself, try to find ways to overcome stress next time. Spilled coffee on your shirt? Don’t worry, we are all human.

2. Analyze how music affects the way you talk and walk and try to use it in your studies. Did you know there is actually an art therapy that’s directly connected to the sound waves our players are producing? Reports show that it can increase your productivity and help you relax if college has been hard on you. But don’t forget we are talking about classics here – no rock beats and metal!


3. Think of the smells that attract you most. When you feel like the world is crushing down on you, we say you go to the nearest store and buy a scented lotion. You’ll be surprised how perfume and aromatherapy affect human mind. You can purchase a pair of sanitizers and when stressed, apply them on your hands. Do not forget about the breathing therapy as well. You exhale and inhale thinking of something that evokes positive feelings.

4. Call your parents and tell them you need their support. If you connect with other people emotionally, it will reduce stress you obtain from examinations and tests. Once you begin to talk about your troubles, they immediately become smaller, and if your friend tells a joke, you might find yourself laughing at something that drove you mad just a few minutes ago.

5. Spend some time pouring your feelings out. Take a diary and do as you did ten years ago, when you were a child. By analyzing your worries, you kind of distance yourself from them and look at things from a different perspective. We don’t say it’s the right way to handle all your problems, but it surely can help if the finals are coming and you don’t want to share your ideas with anybody else. 6. Volunteer. If you do, you will immediately see there is more to life than continuous stress. Besides, by helping others, we learn how to appreciate things we have. And finally, don’t forget to analyze your problems from another angle. Yes, you are a student on a budget who doesn’t know how to pass an exam, but believe us, one day you may be recalling these moments with a smile. Don’t let any of the situations discourage you and never stop trying. If you feel like you need more practice, take your time. If you don’t know what the teacher wants from you, come up and ask. There are many people out there who are ready to lend you a hand if they see you are stuck.