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Top Useful Academic Phrases for Essay Writing

In the digital era, it is tempting to use slang as well as words and phrases from online content in academic essay writing. It may even happen subconsciously, without you noticing that.  However, it is not the best vocabulary for academic piece that your tutor would treat as a pure value. For cases of academic writing, it’s critical you use a proper tone and integrate special phrases into the text to enhance your writing.

Casual and slang expressions should not be part of academic texts. Forget about LOLs, TBD’s, LMFAOs, or OMGs; there is a whole set of other phrases that you can use instead. So, let us help you find the most appropriate level of formality for your academic essays – check our top selection of 10 different academic phrases to be used in your academic writing. Of course, it is not a full list, but it covers the most widely used expressions that will boost your skills.

Transition words

In academic writing, it’s imperative to ensure a smooth flow of thoughts. Only in this case, the reader will be able to follow you. The below words and academic phrases for essay writing will serve as logical bridges between sentences allowing you to establish a solid contact with your audience.

1. Addition – besides, together with, on top of that

This transition phrase is a perfect choice for expressing an addition and expanding the list of points that you have already specified without the need to stop the narrative.

2. Support – in other words, for example, to put it simply

Use the illustration phrases for writing an academic essay to fix the storytelling of your piece, provide examples, and explain a claim you have just made in a different way. It is not the best practice to repeat already written statements. We instead recommend you to dive deeper into the context of a particular point that needs extra explanation. And use the illustration transition words for this purpose.

3. Contrast – conversely, alternatively, as an alternative solution

You may sometimes need to introduce a different perspective, idea, or theory when writing an academic essay without jumping from one point to another. And using a special transition element expressing contrast will make the writing process seamingless. Integrate these into your text to introduce another side of the point/ argument.

4. Result – Based on the author’s words, the author stated that, therefore, so

Adding the words from any external source to an essay makes your piece sound more professional and persuasive. It is no wonder why these are considered essential elements of academic essay writing. Adding a quote smoothly fitting into your paper is not an easy thing – you are to make it seamlessly. Use these words and expressions to establish a link between a the cited element you use and the entire piece.

Leave no probability of reader confusion; the one needs to understand where the quote starts/ ends. If you want to paraphrase the quote, make sure you credit the original source though. In case of using direct quotes, do not forget about quotation marks. No matter what citation type suits best your writing, using dedicated transition constructions is never a superfluous thing.

5. Extra addition – as well as, along with, coupled with

There is a more sophisticated way to express agreement between a subject and a verb than simple using of the conjunction “and.” Pleasantly surprise your reader with a more sophisticated vocabulary and flow of thoughts. Take care of your writing when using the linking academic phrases – all the above perform roughly the same functions and can replace each other to avoid repetitions and prove your writing expertise.

6. Time – firstly, secondly, thirdly

Do not want your essay to become repetitive? Want to ensure that every point of yours is easy to distinguish and is not confused with the previous idea? Using transition words and phrases to express the time in your writing – it is an effective method of showcasing the facts in a concise way. No need to number each point – try to find a balance. Employing this logic is an efficient way to smoothly develop your content strategy.

7. Agreement – in view of, in like manner, in light of

Use these expressions to add a clause to an argument/ main point or to let the reader acknowledge reservations. The transition construction can be also used when a piece of proof adds an extra detail to the argument.

8. Illustration – for instance, in fact, to give an illustration of

The illustration approach is the most spread one when it comes to academic writing. Every second essay is full of examples and illustrations in the text. Using “e.g.” or “for example” every time you illustrate the point may be tedious for both a writer and a reader. A couple of alternative academic phrases will help you make the same narrative.

9. Effect – therefore, as can be seen, generally speaking

When put an emphasis on the importance of the research results and explaining the data, it is a good idea to use these phrases – they will help you provide a smooth lead up to the further explanation. Follow these academic writing essay tips to produce premium-quality content.

Make your writing perfect!

Wondering what are the key components to writing an academic essay? Unsure how to write academic writing essay that brings you an A? We do hope that after reading this post, you do not have any questions of this kind.

Based on the above, high-grade academic essays are not boring texts. These are emotionally bright papers whose contents are logically developed with all sentences being logically connected. And it is transitional words and phrases that will do the magic for you ensuring a smooth flow of thoughts.  

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