Being an educator involves years of experience, learning, unlearning, and creating a change through one’s actions. And contrary to what most educators believe, this is a process that takes place outside the classroom as much inside it. This is what my philosophy of teaching essay will be delving on.

So, read on to know about how you can be a successful teacher and create a positive impact.  My teaching philosophy essay is an effort to take you one step closer to helping you achieve this cause.

Relationship with students

Whether you are teaching middle school or high school, the relationship you have with your students is absolutely fundamental to your ability to connect the lessons with their lives. Treating your class as not simply a roomful of students or a job, but rather a community that thrives on itself is highly important towards ensuring a healthy learning environment. 

As stated in the beginning, it takes years of experience to learn how to create such a relationship with the students. But I’m writing this teaching philosophy essay to provide you all with a simple hack. Speak to your students about what interests them the most. If they see that you are involved in their interests, they will also be interested in learning from you. Make the relationship a two-way process will surely help you understand your students better.

Freedom of expression

This definitely ties to the last point of this teaching philosophy essay. Every student has something unique to offer. And this can only happen through open conversations. There are teachers who prefer to inculcate their students through a hard learning method that involves a one-way learning process. This is something I am absolutely against.

While it is important to ensure that they learn every part of the lesson, I am writing this essay about teaching philosophy to let all budding teachers know that it is equally important to let students decide how much they want to learn. Not every student is capable of learning in the same systematic method. So, it is important that you find the right method through a connection at the individual level that champions their expressions.

Safety and diversity

A classroom needs to be a safe place for the students to belong. If a student feels threatened by their peers or their teachers by any means, their learning experience will be an unhappy one and it will rarely be able to create an impact. A classroom needs to celebrate the diversity of the student body. It needs to be colorful, organized, and engaging. These are aspects that ensure a student’s participation and yearning for knowledge.

Make sure that you celebrate the diversity that your student body holds. Be it through lessons about their culture, ensuring other students know about their celebrations or other means of self-expression. Even the smallest act of appreciation can make a huge difference in the life of a student who feels unappreciated and it is your job to ensure this.

Professionalism and enthusiasm

A lot of teachers confuse professionalism with strictness and seriousness. And while concepts such as punctuality, cleanliness, and obedience are important to inculcate within your students, this philosophy of teaching essay is a reminder that none of it should make you lose your enthusiasm in teaching. And this is something that you have to always bring to the table and ensure the students understand that you love teaching them.

A teacher should always wear a smile and take constructive criticism in their stride. If you wish to create an impact within your students, make sure they understand your happiness in the process and share it as well.

Being an educationist

A teacher is not simply a role model or a giver of lessons. They are someone who believes that a good and healthy education can impact lives. Make sure that your students learn from every aspect of their lives, and your role should be to take away every bad lesson that they pick up. Also, ensure that your teaching process brings something new to the table for your peers so that they learn to be better teachers alongside you.

Always remember

  • To learn as well as impart education
  • To create an impact in the educational circle
  • And to assert your position as a friend of the students and not that of a lesson provider

There are many philosophy of teaching essay examples that you will find on the internet. My teaching philosophy essay is poised to impart real-life ordeals that help you unlearn various concepts as a teacher and also to help you establish a healthy connection with your students. Hopefully, you have found what you were looking for and I have helped you become a better version of yourself and perform your duty to your students in a better way.