Education Essay Example

Education is a comprehensive process that relies on many factors to be successful. Philosophy is a major cornerstone of adequate teaching and is essential for all teachers. A healthy and safe classroom environment is impossible without a strong educational philosophy. My philosophy of education is based on believing that aspiration and support promote a healthy classroom environment and allow students to achieve their academic goals. 

In my view, an influential teacher is the one that can teach important lessons both inside and outside of the classroom and can connect to his/her students on a personal level. Sharing philosophical ideas concerning any discipline is a strong support and incentive factor that not only instigates academic success in students, but also helps in expanding the world view. I have examined traits of all the teachers that have taught me so far, my personal opinion on teaching, and my strength.

A skilled teacher will always inspire students to strive for more. I enjoy giving my students tasks that are slightly more challenging and demand a creative approach. Students tend to perform better when they are faced with exciting tasks that require an unconventional approach in solving them. When faced with more laborious tasks and questions, students have the opportunity to voice their ideas, tell what they don’t understand, and ask for assistance.

A good teacher must create and maintain a friendly and accessible atmosphere in a classroom. Students must feel welcomed and comfortable, coming to a classroom setting. I always try to explain to my students how to use the resources provided within the class. At times it is necessary to make adjustments for students with special needs or for students who learn English as their second language. Being supportive of students represents one of the main pillars of my philosophy of education. 

Philosophy of education is essential for both teachers and students. As seen above, my philosophy is based on inspiration and support for the students. Being inspired, pushed to challenge their limits, and being supported in their academic pursuits helps my students to achieve their goals and expand their potential. That is why it is necessary to establish and maintain an integral philosophy of education. 

How to write an effective philosophy of education Essay 

Before we get into the details, let’s understand the exact purpose of an educational philosophy essay? It explains the perspective or the philosophy of the teacher conducting the session or the course from the viewpoint of the student. It talks about the motivations behind the curriculum and the strategies that work best for the teachers. 

Starting the Philosophy Education Essay

There are essentially two points to keep in mind in order to start writing the essay. Firstly, it is imperative to make a note of all the points one expects to write in the essay. This mainly borders around their views of education and the teaching techniques. Secondly, it would be best if the writer could do some research on the previously written essays in order to form a decent idea of the concept. 

Making an Outline Of The Essay

The structure of the philosophy education essay is rather simple. It has three different components. 

  • Introduction – The essay starts with the introduction. This contains your basic views about teaching and its methods. 
  • Body – This forms the main content of the essay. It is ideal to keep 5 to 6 paragraphs dedicated to the body, which explains in detail the topic in question. This also has ideas of how one can make teaching methods more effective. 
  • Conclusion – Lastly, this part of the essay summarizes the views of the writer. 

We will look into each of these segments in more detail. 

Introduction of philosophy of education essay 

  • This works as a prelude to the essay, describing to the user about the content. These are only pointers and not detailed discussion.
  • Including a thesis proves to be useful as it summarizes the main point conveyed 
  • A little insight into the personal philosophy of education essay helps build a connect with the reader

Writing the Body of the Philosophy of Education Essay

A personal philosophy of education essay is more like a collection of the writer’s own thoughts and viewpoint. This is how you could build the body of the essay: 

  • Make use of all the notes that were drafted before the start of the essay 
  • The idea is to provide suitable arguments in the body that would justify the thesis statement 
  • Examples are key to successful essay writing. Philosophy of education essay examples are proof of this idea. 
  • It is best to make one paragraph for each concept or thought mentioned in the essay. In addition, this paragraph should be a maximum of 4-5 lines. 
  • A logical argument could connect all the sentences of the paragraph 
  • Too much technical language should be avoided at all cost. 

Ending The Philosophy Of Education Essay 

There are two parts to the concluding segment of the essay. Firstly, this requires the writer to reaffirm the point they made in the body of the essay. This contains some concluding sentences about how the educational philosophy was justified in the write-up. Secondly, it also has a section about the objectives of the particular instructor in question. Along with that, there is a detailed explanation of the challenges that the educational industry might face in the near future and possible solutions for the same. 

This effectively takes the reader back to the primary introductory paragraph and the related concepts mentioned there. This has a few strong sentences about how the thoughts are justified.

Revision of the Essay 

The writer’s responsibility does not get over the moment this piece is written. It is not completed until a complete revision scan is conducted. This includes a thorough proofreading process. Most writers are able to edit their own work in the first stage of the proofreading segment. 

Secondly, as a revision exercise, the writer should validate all the facts mentioned in the essay. This would also mean that all philosophy of education essay examples should be checked. All of the content is expected to be in agreement with the thesis in the introductory segment. Lastly, formatting the essay correctly is the final task involved here. Once that is done, your essay is ready to be sent out!