To take care of other people may seem like an easy task, but when one does it professionally there are a number of objectives and ideals to keep in mind. If you are thinking of taking up nursing as a profession, this essay of philosophy of nursing should be able to inculcate in you a deeper understanding of the ideals that you must strive for. It will also help you understand what professionalism means when you take on a holistic nursing approach.

If you want to be a nurse who has a holistic approach towards helping others, i.e. if you want to ensure a better livelihood and not simply attend to their injuries, read on.

The Physical and the Emotional

When you are nursing someone making sure that you are tending to their emotional needs as well as physical ones is highly important. This is because when a person’s body is damaged physically it also leaves a deep impact on the mind. My philosophy of nursing essay is aimed to provide you the knowledge that will help you heal a patient’s emotions as well as their mental conditions and trauma. This will inherently speed up their physical healing process.

If you have attended nursing school or read through a personal philosophy of nursing college essay, they mostly talk about the various physical aspects of a patient that you need to cater to. But to truly be a source of the patient’s support and comfort, you need to ensure that you are creating a positive change in their lives. Learn about their likes and dislikes, their fears, and their safe spaces. This will help you establish a personal connection with the patient and share their journey of self-healing.

And at all times keep in mind that the person you are dealing with is not just your job, but someone who is probably scared and needs something to hold on to. You need to ensure that you are filling in those holes as you cater to a person in a hospitalized condition.

Compassion is Key

Being compassionate is a basic human trait that everyone must integrate into their lives. But for a nurse, this is an ideology. Even if you nursing someone who you think is not a very nice person or someone who holds detrimental thoughts; it is your job to ensure that you show them every last ounce of compassion that you would probably show to your own child.

I have read through many personal philosophy of nursing essay examples that speak about detaching yourself from the patient and being a professional. However, I am not in agreement. I believe that creating a positive change within a person’s body and mind can only come through compassion. And as a nurse, you hold the power to make this positive change happen. 

And that is why I want to use my philosophy of nursing essay to tell you that no matter how tough the situation may seem, wear your smile and love your patient. You may be the catalyst that changes your patient’s mindset and creates a better human being out of them.

A Professional Approach

Being a nurse means going the extra mile. But is this only in a humanitarian aspect? I believe that nursing is a highly professional field as you work in extremely close contact with the patient. This means you are probably the first go-to person for the patient in their time of need. This makes your position more professional than most other caregivers.

So, here are some quick ways in which you can ensure professionalism as a nurse:

  • Ensure that the patient knows what their illness is.
  • Ensure that they know the complete medical course that will be used on them.
  • They should have a clear idea of the medication they are being given.
  • Understand their unique requirements.
  • Ask them if any aspect is not being taken care of.

These small but important changes to your nursing style will help make you a better professional and also ensure that you are doing right by your patients as a caregiver. And this is absolutely crucial since you are in a position to create a positive impact within the patient, unlike the doctors.I wanted to pen my personal philosophy of nursing essay because more than often I see nurses not going the extra mile or not having a true connection with their patients. Handing over the medication and making sure the patient is not pain is, of course, a primary part of the job, but it is not the end of it. Establishing a personal relationship with the patient is highly important in ensuring their well being and a mental state that helps them on the path of self-recovery.